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Most of us pre-worry with questions like: How do I do this? Do I have the time? Do I have the money? Do I have the knowledge? 


What I realized after coaching people is that we are not asking ourselves the right questions. When you are energetically connected to your passion and your calling, the knowledge, inner wisdom, the time and the money just show up.


This is the result of having a clear vision, declaring it, and being clear about the actions to take that will bring it into reality.


In my coaching program, I will ask the right questions to get you set up for success. One of the most important aspects of my coaching will be uncovering emotional blocks, releasing them, and letting go of the limiting beliefs that are in your way while having fun tapping into your intuition and creativity, and override those fixed beliefs.  I will help you paint your most desirable big picture and discover what it will take to build your big dreams. My coaching creates and forges new pathways and connection to what really matters.  I am committed to being of service, being creative, having fun and celebrating your wins with you!





Getting your mindset clear is the foundation to discovering your career passions. With this package we will focus on getting your mindset clear, uncovering your strongest and removing limited beliefs that get in the way of building your own dreams and extraordinary future.  This 6-month package will also include guided meditations, mp3 custom tracks, affirmations, gratitude lists, tapping, creative work, vision boards to name a few.


Sessions include:  uncovering your passion, desires, bigger/deeper why, healing the past, identifying and transformation of emotional blocks and beliefs, tapping into intuition, creating possibilities, mapping out the road ahead and manifestation.


We will conclude with concrete action plans to get your life’s work/career/business manifested and energetically aligned with your calling, and into reality. 


We will work on personal growth and bringing the ideas for your business to life, if you are working on one.



Inside of the Mindset Magic Coaching Package, I will guide you to create and edit your social media platform and website content.   I will support you in getting yourself out there and connecting with your ideal clients and audience! Accountability and structure is EVERYTHING  so we will create 6 month goals for your career.


This is your time-while I have curriculum, I am here for you and we can spend the time working on whatever it is that you need when we meet.


*1:1 Coaching Via Zoom bi-weekly. 

Additional Support via text message between calls. 


*ADDED BONUS The Pathfinder Code® Intuitive Art Reading:


 Here’s what’s included in Your Reading:

 Intuitive Art Reading (Energy Signature)

 Soul Guide Mapping of Art Images for your reading

 Recording of your reading and summary message 

 Art Kit including palette, brush, art paper and frame

 Blow Your Mind-Art Training Video 

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* Payment for your session in always made in advance via Pay Pal, Google Pay,  Zelle or Venmo. 

Apply for Pay Pal Credit  if you desire installment payments.  They allow 6 months with no interest.

Cancellation policy is 48 hours in advance of your appointment.

I also offer a FREE 20 min. Discovery Session to explore working with me! 

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