📣  Co-create ideas that are energetically and authentically aligned with your services and "calling".

📣  Evaluate your social media "voice" and Facebook profile.


📣  Uncover the best ideas and match it up with spot on pricing!

📣  Done for you offers!

💥Idea Incubator Sessions are included in all coaching packages


Visit my WORK WITH ME page to register for a single session.

A Zoom link will be generated for your appointment and emailed to you!

Why the Intuitive Idea Incubator Strategy Session?


You have ideas for your existing online business but cannot figure out which one to run with!


Why is picking just ONE so important?


It’s simple, so you can start testing how it influences how others react on your Facebook  Page, Facebook Group and other social media platforms.

I'm being asked a lot about helping others to mesh out their ideas, skills and talents to create their own unique ideas and offers and if I could offer training to teach them how! 


You see, between the Facebook algorithm and its trend toward favoring Facebook Groups, versus Business Pages (where you have to pay for ad for people to see your stuff) and the online market saturation in certain niches, it is essential that you take MASSIVE ACTION to STAND OUT in this "pay to play" virtual business world.

Like many people you have a plethora of ideas for either an existing or new business.


I am offering these sessions with coaching because so many have asked me to and I have a blast doing them! 


There is a questionnaire that you will fill out during registration-that is what I use as a guide during our session.


Your 1:1 with me would be via Zoom like all of our coaching session, so I can review your social profile and heart-storm with you to incubate your magic. 


Come prepared to get a download of creative cures and get yourself and your business unstuck!


If you have a Facebook Page and/or Group and want to grow it, or if you're considering starting a new group then this is definitely for you. 


 Once you have a warm audience in your group, you will need your IDEA and OFFER to grow and serve while building your community and online tribe.

Lily Nava​-Nicholson
Intuitive Life & Success Coach and Visual Artist 

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