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It's time to unleash your intuition and let your creativity out to play!

My mantra for decades has been, "Art Heals, Thank You for Believing."  To this day, its still on the backside my art business card.  When handing this card to someone I just met, they would read the front, then naturally flip it over to the back.  Every card,  brings about a new conversation, with a different person, asking the same question, what does this really mean, and is it true?  


Does art heal, and does it create healing for both the viewer and the artist?  My take on this is, YES!


Studies have shown that art is very good for our heart and brain connection and its a relaxing mindfulness practice.  Art ignites our intuition and creativity!  Art is a catalyst and summons the creator, to journey through emotions they need to move past.  The practice invokes a renewed sense of awe.  One that feeds the creator's soul.  That part of them, that is longing to align their path and calling, and get on with the business of doing their life's work!

As a visual artist, I stumbled upon a secret language that was the catalyst for my own personal transformation.  

Art is a magical and intuitive practice that will help you express what words cannot convey. 

This is not just painting, its a pathway to rediscovering your magic on a soul level!



There was a time when I thought I was painting to create art.  Over time, I noticed it was a very physical and emotional experience.  While anyone can start a painting with an intent to create a specific object or scene, there is a divine frequency that overrides the intellect with a grace that cannot be explained.  That grace is our inner wisdom aka intuition. 


Its that moment when a creator enters the "zone" and is at one with their art, the colors and their emotions.  Its a place where they learn to test the waters and learn to trust themselves and find joy in the process.  They develop a "coherence" where they recognize what feels like home.  Its in this space that the signs and messages show up unexpectedly.  Its in this space that they get to know themselves intimately.  You see, creating is very personal to the creator.  Why? Because the art they create is a byproduct of the untold stories, the hidden blocks, emotions, and experiences they have had or are still having.  It is a catalyst for transformation. I have coined a few names for these hidden blocks.  You will hear me refer to them as "energetic imprints" or the "invisibles".  


There are creative cures for these blocks, in The Pathfinder Code® Power Practices that I developed to help others get unstuck and start the healing process, to let go of thoughts, words and emotions that no longer serve their highest good and personal growth.   


Why invite others to paint?  So they too can acquire creative tools and mindful practices to harness their personal power and experience a new way of navigating the highs and lows of a spiritual being, having a human experience.


The practice of creating healing art is a form of what I call "Visioning".  Art is the creation of some "thing" from "no thing".  Its an intangible practice that makes the unseen, the invisibles, very seen, to the human eye.  What is uncovered in the art, can be interpreted!  This opens up the floodgates of the creator having a better understanding of themselves, their life purpose and life's work.  Its a profound inner clarity that evolves and propels them onto the path to "rediscover their magic"!  Visioning helps people unleash their natural inner knowing and wisdom! 


Creating healing art is a mindful practice for any human to channel their energy, give themselves the grace and trust that they have the ability to help themselves heal, from the inside out.  Even if you are painting to just paint, I promise your end result will be far more than what you hang on your wall!  While creating with me you will also receive guidance and intuitive coaching that delve into your creations and emotions.  You will experience a deeper connection to yourself, your intuition and find yourself wanting more!

Visit my Work with Me page to learn more and book your spot in The Pathfinder Code® Healing Art Intuitive Painting and start your own "personal power practice" as a creator!




The creation of art has been scientifically proven to reduce the stress hormone, Cortisol.   Read this brief article titled “Reduction of Cortisol Levels and Participants Responses Following Art Making”

There is also the study by expert, Professor William Lidwell at the University of Houston who released a study titled How Colors Affect You: What Science Reveals.  


Another study by Janick Leonard tied in how art forges a pathway for "heart coherence" which in essence is the heart and brain connection.  Her study is titled “What is Heart Coherence and Why is it so Powerful?”

Another relevant study, by Kenda Cherry and Steven Gans, M.D., is a good read for a better understanding of this topic, its titled "Color Psychology: Does it Affect How You Feel?"  

I did my own research and concluded from various readings that the language of the subconscious mind is very visual.  The language of the conscious mind is our intellect and ego.   It would be quite an ordeal to “think” our way into our intuition…this is why painting is a very effective visual discovery technique that helps us speak directly to our intuition it!  The goal of the power practice of creating healing art is to show the subconscious mind the way!  

Visit my Work with Me page to learn more and book your spot in The Pathfinder Code® Healing Art Intuitive Painting and start your own "personal power practice" as a creator!

"Your life's journey is your canvas,  be bold, confident and intentional with the colors of your mindset"

 Lily Nava-Nicholson

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