The Pathfinder Code® Story

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Welcome, my name is Lily Nava-Nicholson  I am an Intuitive Life & Success Coach, Author and Visual Artist.  My vision is to empower other humans to find their voice, their next right path, direction and co-create ideas that are energetically aligned with their calling!

As a visual artist, I stumbled upon a secret language that was the catalyst for my own personal transformation. I discovered that I could "read" images and co-create through spoken words to help other people find their next right steps and path.  


This is how The Pathfinder Code Powered by Intuition and Creativity® evolved! I started to fuse the findings from intuitive readings to map out a direction to help my coaching clients clear emotional blocks and get unstuck in their life, relationships, careers and business. 

My journey was filled with personal epiphanies and emotional detours.  It truly was the perfect storm that led me here so I could help you!  


Sometimes the storm that comes isn't to disrupt your life, its to clear your path ~author unknown.


Perhaps you found your way here while looking for another class or training or someone referred you to me. 


Is it possible that you were led here because YOU are still:


→ looking for peace of mind and mental clarity

→ looking for insight and life strategies to help you move forward with confidence

→ feeling overwhelmed and weighted down energetically

→ feeling blocked and want to get unstuck

→ struggling in your most important life and business relationships 

→ not advocating for yourself and want to feel empowered

​Is it possible that you were led here because you are someone that is ready to:

→ Identify and eliminate your emotional blocks

→ Get unstuck and harness your power to influence and change lives, including your own

→ Unleash your unique ideas and visions that have been under the radar for far too long

→ Understand how all of the pieces of your life come together

→ Be more resilient when unexpected things happen

→ Do something different, so you can get a different result. 

→ Answer the call to flex when areas of your life are nudging you to take action 

→ Get more of what you really want in your life.  

→ Live life on your own extraordinary terms


My No. 1 Goal for my clients is to help them uncover the pivot point where their intuition intersects with the "sweet spot" of their creativity, igniting an inner knowing and emotional intelligence that sets off a ripple effect where clarity, understanding, direction and a newfound command of their life is set into motion!


The thing is...the transformation I describe does takes time.  I believe that TIME is our most precious currency, in fact, its downright sacred, along with our emotional, physical, spiritual and abundance mindset.


These four areas run "pathways" that are wired to every area of our lives and effect how we navigate it!

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I will guide you using actionable tools so you can tap into your intuition, awaken your personal power and learn to advocate for yourself and live life on your own extraordinary terms.   


The language of the subconscious mind is visual.  The language of the conscious mind is our intellect and ego.   It would be quite an ordeal to “think” our way into our intuition…this is why visual discovery techniques help us speak directly to it!  Show the subconscious mind the way!  


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"Your life's journey is your canvas,  

be bold , confident and intentional with the colors of your mindset" 

~Lily Nava​-Nicholson

All Rights Reserved: The PathFinder Code Powered by intuition and Creativity® 

by Lily Nava-Nicholson 2020

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